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What is it really that attracts men to escorts? Or in other words, what kind of escorts do men fancy, and look out for? Well, as a matter of fact, different men have different tastes and preferences when it comes to the kind of woman one fancies. It has been said before that men tend to be visual creatures, whereas women are more about emotions.  But nevertheless, there are the standard and undisputable qualities and traits that guys often look out for in a girl. Mind you, whatever a guy would look out for in a girlfriend is exactly what he'd do when looking for an escort.

  • Stunning beauty; all men fancy or admire a beautiful woman. Just that some are too shy or lack self confidence and thus don't approach the woman. Every man desires to hook up with the prettiest escort in the agency, even if it means paying more just to be with her.
  • Courtesy; each man likes and appreciates a lady who is polite, courteous, and respectful towards him. This is to say that a guy looking for an escort will want to be sure that she is someone who is courteous and respectful towards him. Men have a huge ego, and it always works when a lady treats them with the respect and deference he deserves.
  • Charming; a charming woman is an irresistible woman, and this equally applies to the escorts. When guys are scrolling and going over the profiles of the different escorts available, checking out their photo; it takes a minute for a man to spot a charming babe. It could be in the way she smiles, her eyes, her body posture; men are experts at reading women's personalities by just looking at their eyes.
  • Body figure; when it comes to body figure and shape, men tend to greatly differ. One man will salivate at the sight of a big, busty escort, while another drools at the mere sight of a petite, slender one. As a result, it is hard to describe what exactly a man dreams of when it comes to the figure of the woman. The important thing therefore is to get to know your guy, and what he likes. During your earlier chats and conversations, you can be able to find out some of these things.
  • Being soothed and sweet talked; this last wish or desire is laughable, but very true. Ever man views himself as the best, he yearns to be praised for his skills or for being the best lover, he'll want to be sweet talked by the woman just to feel loved and wanted; the earlier you understand this as a woman, the better for you! Unsurprisingly, that's one reason why women are so good at faking things, just to make the guy feel on top of the world; and it works!

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