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She spritzed on the last of her perfume before sauntering to the front door. He'd rung the bell three times. He was growing impatient.

She liked keeping them waiting just a little bit, just enough to get the fires burning.

She opened the door just a little, just enough to give him a hint of cleavage and asked, "Where have you been? I've been waiting?"

He shifted his weight, all 160lbs of it from left to right. He was eager to get through the door. "I've been here for ages. I rang the bell a million times. Where have YOU been?"

"No no Mr Andrews. I'm in charge remember?" "Yes, ma'am. I'm sorry."

She opened the door a little wider and with the cock of an eyebrow, invited him.

She could see him shaking. It was noticeable. He was a bag of nerves but tried his best to give off an assertive vibe. He knew it didn't work. She knew. Never-the-less, it was never spoken about. 

He'd always suffered with nerves visiting her. He'd never met an escort that could keep him on his toes before; one that could really get him going like she could.

"Do you want me?" she asked, glancing at him shyly? "Do you want me real bad? Do you want me to want you?"

"No!" he said abruptly, "you know how I like it. Don't make me keep asking. I want you to push me away. Try to fight the passion between us. Tell me you don't want me...and I'll make you change your mind" and as he said this, he pulled heavy metal cuffs from his front pocket, drawing attention to his obvious hard on.

She looked at him, hidden beneath the denim, remembering why she always looked forward to this client. He was more than man enough for her.

Despite her professionalism, she found herself drawn to his erection. He was bigger than most of her clients. He kept himself trim too, showing off his full shaft.

She'd trace each vein before playing with his balls on each visit but today was different. Today she had to fight him off. How long she'd be able to resist him for, she'd didn't know but she was about to find out.

He threw the key to the cuffs on the side cabinet and bit his bottom lip. She grabbed her jacket zip and did it up in fuax protest of his presence.

She knew she wouldn't last long fighting off his advances. He knew too.

"God I'm going to fuck the shit out of you" he said with a sigh, taking in her legs and fabulous backside. 

"That's what you think" she said, with a slight smile, "maybe I'll fuck the shit out of you..."

He stepped forward, grabbing her wrist. With every intention of pushing him away, she bit his lip, hard before he grabbed her arse, "Jesus woman, who are we kidding


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