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The Eastern European escort looked absolutely gorgeous in her tight white uniform. Her glossy brunette hair was pulled up and tied in a messy bun and covered with a white nurses cap. She looked in the mirror and decided she really looked the part. The uniform she had on was so low cut that her client could pretty much see everything from the swell of her bosom to the beginning of her backside. The skirt was so short in fact it barely covered the brunette escorts sexy pert behind. She loved it though because it only made her legs look even longer than they already were. Her unbelievably high heels made her calves look shapely and her ankles so petite.


She heard the door open and out of the corner of her eye watched him walk in the room and sit himself down in the blue upholstered chair. The escort played along, pretending to just suddenly notice him. Turning on her heels suddenly as if she were startled, she apologised for only having just noticed him, she didn’t realise there were any more patients for the day. She asked how long he’d been waiting but he just stared at her, fixated on her large, full breasts. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her.


“You’re my last patient of the day so you’ll be getting my full attention” she said reassuringly. She approached him, her breasts looking fit to burst out of her tight white uniform. As she moved she swayed her hips, drawing attention to her tiny waist. She leant forward when she got to him, giving a real good view of her cleavage. He moaned and crossed his legs as the pressure in his cock began to build.


She politely asked him to open wide and examined his tongue. Wanting to make sure everything was in full working order, she promptly turned and touched her toes. He knew exactly what was expected of him. She wasn’t wearing any knickers, which he found very pleasing indeed. He could see the whole of her shaved pussy in all its glory and it made him feel like he could explode any second. The sight of this elite escort and her tight asshole made him gasp a little more too. He slid from the chair and grabbed her rump, taking in her taste and scent as he worked his tongue all along her wet lips eventually rimming her. She groaned for him to go deeper. The escort spread herself further apart to accommodate more of him but that enticed him a little too much. He immediately stood and pushed her toward the bed.


He couldn’t wait a single second longer, guiding his cock straight into her asshole. It was already slippery with saliva, which just made him shove his cock in even easier. As he thrust in deep they both groaned, his hard cock feeling her tightness. With one hand on her hip and the other tangled in her dark brown hair, he fucked her asshole rapidly. She pushed back onto him taking him in as deep as she could. With each thrust he could feel himself getting closer to climax. Just as he felt he couldn’t hold back any longer, he pulled out and spun her around making her drop to her knees. Grabbing his cock in his hand, he stroked himself furiously as he leant over her face. Opening her mouth as he exploded, the female iswallowed every ounce of his warm cum. She licked her lips and smiled sweetly, only making him believe all the more that was quite simply the best London escort around.

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