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Interview with a customer

One thing we love to do is get to know our clients. This helps us recommend escorts better suited, it also helps us to provide them with the dates they'd truly love. Sometimes, we find ourselves having questions from clients who are feeling a little nervous about their first date. To make things a little clearer, we thought we'd chat with a regular client of ours in order to give you more information. Here you read about one client in particular. Here he explains why he chose to hire a London escort and why he loves it.


Client: "I'd say I'm probably an average looking guy. I'm successful but while you'd think that helps, it just leaves me with little social time. For this reason, I've always struggled to meet women. I'm also pretty shy so you could say; I'm a hopeless case.


"I've tried different dating sites to no avail. I always ended up with women that were either nothing like their picture or not interested. This got old quickly. That's when I decided to try escorts. As egotistical as it sounds, I can decide whom I want to see, I don't need to chase anyone. I also get to decide when, where and how long for too. This means that I can finally get the female company I want without the frustration and disappointment.


"There were so many different London escort agencies to choose from. Your Escort Agency came highly recommended. When I found their website, it was easy to use and they had a huge number of women to choose from. The galleries were amazing too. When I first checked it out, I didn't have the guts to book someone. Then one day I just kind of felt in the mood. I found a stunning blonde in their a-level escorts category. She had a really sweet smile and the most beautiful long, flowing blonde hair. She was literally my dream woman. Before booking, I checked out her reviews too. They were all very positive. I was taken aback by the ease of the service. I spoke to Gabi and she put me at ease completely. Within minutes, the London escort I'd booked was on her way to me.


"Robyn was quite simply breath-taking. She was everything her pictures showed her to be and more. Her body was amazing. It made me feel a little nervous to be honest. I needn't have been though. Robyn really knew what she was doing from the get go. She knew just how to settle my nerves and make me relax. There were no awkward silences and for our entire meeting, she was eager to please me.


"I chose to hire London escorts because it was easy, convenient and the quality of women was superb. I'd highly recommend high-class London escorts to anyone. I'd especially recommend Your Escort Agency to anyone too. They couldn't have been more accommodating and helpful. I regularly use their services now too so that should tell you everything!"


If you'd like to book yourself one of our busty London escorts and change your life like this client, simply contact us today on 07510861600.


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