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As any good man knows, a little prep is always needed when it comes to a date and that's especially so when you're dating our high-class models. To help, here's our ultimate guide to preparing for your date...London escort style!


Ask her what she'd like to eat - now we know that our escorts are there to please you and please you they will but asking your date what she'd like to eat is always beneficial. Why? Well not only will you ensure she tops up the tank guaranteeing energy to last all night long, but you'll also have a very happy escort on your side. Just imagine the horror if she were a vegetarian and you took her to a steak restaurant? Don't be afraid to approach her, simply ask, "What do you fancy eating tonight?" and you'll be surprised with just how forthcoming she is.


Carry enough cash - we always tell our clients that they should be carrying enough cash with them at all times. This is to avoid any such embarrassing moments should the restaurant or bar you're in not take card. You'll also want to tip any waiters, likewise with cabs. Remember, things like a coffee or an ice cream walking along the river are all small gestures that go a long way...that all require cash.


Clean your car gents - please oh please keep your car clean. If you intend on chauffeuring around one of our stunning London escorts then we advise you show up with an impeccable ride. After all, they'll have put a lot of effort into the way they're dressed. Do you really think they'll want to then put their very expensive dress against your dirty seats? We think not. Take your car for a wash the morning of your date so it's not rushed and finish it off with a delicate (emphasis on the delicate) air freshener or a little perfume.


Dress to impress - just as your date will be dressing to impress you, you too need to up the game. That means no scruffy shoes, and perhaps dry cleaning your best suit. When you have your outfit sorted, it's then time to focus on a little "manscaping". Trim the beard, shave and get a fresh haircut. Do your best to look good for her because we guarantee you'll reap the rewards with your London escort afterwards.


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