Tips for Men; How to Leave an Escort with Memories of a Lifetime

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When it comes to meeting an escort, most men make the blunder of assuming that it is all about the escort, and nothing about them. In other words, they always expect the escort to please and satisfy them, offer them great company; but they hardly pause to consider their role in all this! The best encounters with an escort are always a two-way traffic; it is about her trying her best to offer you memorable company, and it is also about you putting your best foot forward and being someone "lovable." Treating an escort well is the key to her heart and soul, the surest way to have her go to all lengths just to make you happy.


Below, we have compiled some simple but very effective ways to leave an escort with memories of a lifetime:

  • You'll start by first understanding that it's important to treat your escort exactly like you would your girlfriend. Be polite and affectionate, don't shout at her, or use harsh language; the fact that you're paying money to spend a few hours with her doesn't mean that you own her!
  • Secondly, escorts appreciate a man who is a gentleman. Hold her hand at night when going for dinner, smile at her often, listen to her when she talks, give her compliments, make eye contacts; all these matter a lot. When you're long gone and the escort is lying on her bed remembering the good moments, it is these subtle actions that she'll be remembering and missing you so badly!
  • It's also important that a guy is spontaneous and creative. Frankly, you don't have to be too stingy as to simply book an escort, call her for an incall, and then have her leave after an hour; there's nothing memorable or special about such an encounter. Rather, arrange to have dinner together, take an evening walk or stroll holding hands, visit a museum or a movie theater; there's so much that lovers can in and within London! All these will help build rapport, and make the escort feel more at ease around you.
  • Loyalty; like mentioned earlier, an escort is a girl at the end of the day. She has jealousy, she wants you to be hers alone, and stick to her as long as she's with you. But some men will take an escort to a club, have drinks, dance, and as the night unfolds, either start ogling and flirting with other women, or even being out rightly rude to the escort! This is cruel and ungentlemanly; the escort would hate you for that. Escorts are always 101% loyal when around you, the least you can do is not to reciprocate. Besides, men who mistreat women this way are generally viewed as immature and undecided; which is not what you want her to remember you for, right?

These 4 tips will go a long way in helping you leave lasting and dear memories on any London escort that you hang out with. For more tips and advice, why not check out our blog?


Written on:    by YEA