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While in the past eras marriage was considered a mandatory practice of marking adulthood, nowadays more men and women are opting to stay single. Not everyone thinks of marriage as a necessary thing. However, the majority of those who are single eventually marry or get married at a later age. Whether you prefer marriage or want to stay single, the choice is entirely up to you. However, before you make a decision that you might regret here are benefits of staying single as well as married.


Benefits of being single

Avoid divorce: while no one gets into marriage with the intention of later getting separated with his or her partners; divorce rate is currently high. When you remain single, you eliminate the chances of having to deal with a broken marriage or custody case. By opting to remainsingle, you save yourself from having to go through marital misunderstandings or making difficult compromises so as to please your partner. You engage in activities that please you, knowing that your happiness depends only on you.


You do not have to deal with bad in-laws. Staying single means you do not have to put up with rude in-laws who constantlybulge into your house or inquiring when you are going to have children.


You think more about your wellbeing: as a single person, you have the freedom to go out with anyone you want. You can also decide to go hiking or a long vacation. When married you have to consider your partner or your kids who can limit the number of things you can do.


Set your own rules: without a partner, you will not think about how to fit into another person's schedule. Instead, you control your time by picking activities and answering only to you. In the process, you end up being fully dependent on yourself and thriving in your career.


Benefits of marriage

Inheritance tax: according to the UK laws when your spouse dies, assets like savings and property will be passed down to the living partner. When both partners die, they possessions can be given to their next generation.


Live a healthier life: according to research people who are married are healthier than single people. Both spouses contribute in raising the children as well as paying bills reducing the financial burdens. Children who are raised by both parents display fewer behavioral issues.


Marriage provides companionship: married couples tend to share their problems and advise each other. Life also becomes more fun when you know you have a partner who loves you unconditionally and that you can rely on them.


Provides a more fulfilling sex life: marriage offers a chance for partners to know and understand each other's sexual needs. The union also promotes monogamy which prevents the risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases.


Improves the quality of life: in marriage, spouses share responsibility and in turn help each other. They use the extra money made to improve their life.


To be married or not, entirely depends on what a person prefers. You can be married or stay single yet feel happy and loved.


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