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From museums, parks, theaters, designer shopping stores to entertainment centers; London is one of the most visited tourist destination. It is not just about the attraction sites, people who want learn about culture, religion or unique activities will still find London worth exploring. Whether you are a visitor, traveler or just local, here are six best places in London that you will enjoy visiting.


  • National Gallery: with paintings ranging from 13th to 19th century, this gallery is one of the best museums in the world. The interior is subdivided into so many rooms that it may take you more than a day to see everything displayed. While kidsare entertained with audio tours, families with less time to spare can still opt for the one hour tour which the staff offers daily for free.

  • The London Eye: enjoy the great view of London as you take a ride in this wheel. To avoid having to stand at the line for a long time, get an advance ticket that allows you to avoid the queue. The wheel circles at a relatively slow pace which can be frightening for people who have fear of heights.

  • Hyde Park: if nature is what you want to see, the green scenery in Hyde Park can satisfy you. This park covers more than 300 acres and has a manmade lake that can be used for swimming or boat riding. It is also a favorite spot for free speech forum. The green scenery and calm waters provide the ideal space for relaxing, reading a book or talking a walk.

  • Tower of London: this tower is one of the most iconic structures in the history of British people. It is the ideal place to visit with your family and perfect for those who want to know more about the country's history. While it is very busy during summer, you can visit the Tower of London during other seasons like in spring. Inside the tower, you can view famous crown jewels and armor.

  • Portobello Road market: you can buy antiques and souvenirs at this market. It is one of the largest markets that have antiques, art, jewelry and local items that can be given as gifts for friends and relatives.

  • Buckingham Palace: get to know more about the royal history by visiting the Buckingham Palace. In the palace, you will get to see the rooms that the royal family hosts gates. The different room decorations like chandelier and architecture are worth noting. When you arrive at 11:30 am you will witness the changing of the guard which also attracts a huge crowd.

  • Piccadilly Circus: this is the center of several busy streets. Hence the meeting point and most popular spot in London. What makes this place interesting is that it exudes high energy from the busy people around it. Piccadilly Circus overlooks the winged Eros and is closer to some of the best restaurants, clubs, and shopping stores.

London has various attraction sites to satisfy the needs of visitors and the local people. Expect to get entertained as well as shop for souvenirs to carry back home.


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