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As the saying goes, two heads are always better than one and escorts are no exception. Here at Your Escort Agency, we offer a variety of high-class London escorts, including duo escorts. For those who may have never used duo escorts before, we thought we'd show you why they're so popular. 


For most men, the reason they come to Your Escort Agency, is for the variety in women. One girl each and every time just isn't enough. They enjoy multiple meetings with a myriad of women and their world opens up. That's when thoughts of meeting two women at once begin to fill their minds. Luckily for them, here at Your Escort Agency, we can make that happen. Right now, stats show that threesomes are one of the top male fantasies so if it's possible, why wouldn't you give it a whirl? The question on everyone's lips however, is just why are two women at once so appealing?


Well, let's face it, a single lady can do so much whereas an extra pair of hands (and mouth) can offer so much more. Sometimes it feels great to have multiple erogenous zones being teased at the same time too. Without that extra pair of hands, you'll never truly understand just how great that can feel - but let us make it clear for you... earth shattering comes to mind. 


As we mentioned before, variety is the spice of life and for some men, choosing one over another is just too difficult, especially when your taste is so varied. Just imagine being able to enjoy a blonde bombshell at the very same time as a sultry brunette. Maybe you'd like to enjoy the temperament of a fiery redhead while at the same time, enjoying the company of a petite raven-haired mistress? It's not difficult to see just why this option seems like absolute heaven. 


A threesome is the holy grail of all sexual encounters and fantasies and right here at Your Escort Agency is where you can make it happen. Whether you're super confident or struggling to pick up the chicks, a quick browse of the Your Escort Agency gallery will have you chomping at the bit to enjoy a little action with two of our fabulous duo escorts. So what are you waiting for? Jump online today and book your next session to make your dreams a reality.


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