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Here at Your Escort Agency, we know only too well just why Eastern European women are so special but do you? Luckily for you, we're here to let you in on the secrets of the Eastern European woman. We guarantee after reading this, you'll be calling 07510861600 to book yourself one of our Eastern European escorts within minutes.

Eastern European Beauty - there's no other way to put it, Eastern European women are genuinely beautiful. They enjoy making themselves extra beautiful too often having fun in the hair and make-up department. Dostoïevski, a master of Russian classic literature believes the secret of their lay in the wild mix of the East and West. With thousands of people, for thousands of years, roaming the territory of today's Russia (that's Slavs, Scandinavians, Germanic people and more). This amazing combination of Eastern European women creates beautifully high cheekbones, a rounded face, the popular green or blue eye colour and a fabulous mix of light and dark hair. You'll also find the Eastern European woman boasts a stunning hourglass figure, and let's face it, what man doesn't love the epitome of the female frame?

Eastern European Power - it's often thought that Eastern European women are soft, weak, wall-flowers almost but that couldn't be further from the truth. They are in fact renowned for being strong and dominant women. Eastern European women have the power in every single sense of the word and who doesn't like a strong woman? When we talk of strength however, we aren't talking about muscle. Instead, their strength lies within their ability to forgive, their patient nature and their determination to live in the moment. They're also not afraid to show their few weaknesses in front of the opposite sex making them nothing short of irresistible.

Eastern European Character - these women have great endurance and patience, which is no doubt why they're the perfect partners for exciting date nights in the city. Add to this the fact that they're hugely caring, supportive, kind and naturally maternal and you have the perfect woman. This is no doubt why western men find Slavic women so very attractive.

If you'd like to find out just what an Eastern European woman is like in real life, then simply call us today to book one of our many beautiful Slavic women. From Russia to Lithuania, we have a wide variety of stunning women, just ready and waiting to show you just why the world can't get enough of these beautiful women.


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