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They say London is a concrete jungle but with the likes of Green Park, we're not sure how they can. Green Park, located between Hyde Park and St. James's Park covers a whopping 19 hectares; that's 47 acres. Together with Kensington Gardens and of course Buckingham Palace Gardens, these gardens form an almost unbroken stretch of greenery in our city that simply must be explored. Unlike the other parks in London, Green Park has no lakes, no structures nor any playgrounds. Instead it's home to a few monuments and stunning mature trees with just a few flowers scattered around. This makes it a place of pure bliss to explore and enjoy in an otherwise bustling city like London. Green Park is surrounded by the likes of Piccadilly, St James's Park and of course the Mall giving you plenty to see and do just a few steps out of any one of the park gates. Want to explore Green Park more? Call 07510861600 now.